Top Tactics To Increase E-commerce Sales

Want to increase E-commerce sales?

Whether you are a new business or have been in business from long time, making more e-commerce sales is a top priority and it will definitely help your business to grow. This article will assist you to focus on key areas to drive customers and more sales.

Here are top strategies that will help to increase your e-commerce sales.

  1. Building Brand Awareness
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Engage with Customers on Social Media
  4. Improve Conversion Rate
  5. Data Analysis
  6. Provide Excellent Customer Service
  7. Invest in Visuals
  8. Create a Sense of Urgency
  9. Use Shipping as a Competitive Advantage
  10. Offer Discount
  11. Show Top Selling Products
  12. Run Paid Campaigns
  13. Accept Various Payment Options

Let’s jump in!

Building Brand Awareness

The first thing is to building brand awareness for your business. When more people know about your brand, the sales will grow. Brand awareness impacts trust, sales, repeat purchases and SEO. Focus on quality of the products, create high-quality content, run paid ads and stay active on social media channels where your customers are.

Email Marketing

Build email lists and use email marketing technique to stay engaged with your customers. By this strategy, you can easily build a relationship with your customers and directly reach with them. You can get benefit of repeat purchases by implementing this strategy by sending relevant email regularly.

Engage with Customers on Social Media

It’s perhaps the most ideal way to drive new customers to your store, convert them into paying customers and reconnect them to purchase much more.

Improve Conversion Rate

It is most important to optimize your store and marketing channels to increase conversion rate. Test your website with different methods to provide best user experience and use analytics to see why customers are not converting. Improve your e-commerce website with latest industry trends to stay in the competition. Keep the purchase and checkout process as simple as possible.

Data Analysis

When you have numbers from the analytics then you can scale up your business quickly based on the results. With this data you can easily find out which items are selling a lot and which items are not. Once you researched those items and by removing from your inventory or modifying prices, you will see its making a lot more money by way of doing the same amount of work.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Before converting with you, many shoppers want to get reasonable answers from your customer support team via chat, email, phone call or social media platforms to know about your products. So, it is recommended to provide excellent customer support for the new and existing shoppers and try to keep response time within 24 hours.

Invest in Visuals

It is true that a picture is a worth a thousand words. That’s why it is necessary to provide clear and quality images of the products on the website since users are not able to touch and try on the products.

Create a Sense of Urgency

This is a classic and useful marketing technique to notify the users that they have limited time to buy the particular product or that stock is limited to take advantage. By this way, user is ready to take over the offer as soon as possible.

Use Shipping as a Competitive Advantage

Your job is still pending once the customer click purchase. You need to provide quick shipping service to get appreciation and you can easily connect with that customer right after purchase. If you can provide a free shipping, then it is most powerful to grow sales.

Offer Discount

Offering discount on the products is a simple way to drive sales. Customers are loving to get the products with discount.

Show Top Selling Products

If you are selling wide range of products, it can be difficult for new customers what they are looking for. By showcasing top selling products, you can easily provide some idea to the customer what people are buying the most. You can also take this space to promote products with the maximum margins.

Run Paid Campaigns

Paid promotions will help you to showcase your products to the larger audience in less time and increase brand awareness. People are looking to shop and spend more on special days such as festivals and holidays, so use strategic promotions to provide best offers.

Accept Various Payment Options

Give different options to pay for the products and services on your website. If you only accept Visa and MasterCard, you are losing lots of potential customers.


When you see slowdown in sales, it is time for you to think about new and creative ways to market products and services on your e-commerce site. Rather than trying to find new customers, focus your marketing efforts on your existing customer base.

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