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What Is Search Engine Optimization?

A search engine optimization is a software program that helps people to find the information which they are looking for. Search engine give the results quickly by scanning the millions of website on the internet continuously. They search world best results specified in the text. The search result page presented in a line of result is referred as [SERPs]. Search engines are plays an important role in our daily life. For images, videos, news, information we use search engine like Google. 


Search engine optimization have to scan millions of web pages to give the best possible results. They decide how to organize that information in front of search user. Every search engine prioritize the search user, therefore their goal is to provide accurate result.

Search engine optimization works through three main stages-

  1. CRAWLING- Crawling is the process in which search engine send the group of Roberts such as [crawler, spider] to find new updated content. Content can be an image, video, docs or news etc. crawler go to the place and bring back web pages and follow links to bring URL. Through moving this path of links, crawler add new content in index [caffeine] a large data store of URLs, and seek information which matches with searchers intent.
  • INDEXING- Indexing is the process of store and organize the data found by the crawler. Once the page get index it should be displayed as relevant result. The main objective of indexing is to increase the speed and finding accurate result. Without index, the search takes lots of time to scan the pages, which increase the time and power consumption make process costly.                                                 

Major factors in designing search engine-

.Merge factors

.Storage techniques

.Index size

.Look up speed

.Fault tolerance

  • RANKING- Without sorting it is impossible to find the searcher’s information. Google ranking system designed to sort the relevant information. This ranking system sort millions of web pages and display the best possible result. This whole based on algorithm to give best results which include various factors [query, usability of pages, source and your location]. To ensure such system search engine have standard quality which follow strict guidelines for better result.


We all have heard that search engine optimization is one of the most important and powerful tool for digital marketing. But why it is necessary and how it should be implemented.

  1. Visibility and Ranking- while searching product or services online, users may choose between first five options which search engine shows. This process of search engine helps in rank you up in the search result and attract customers to your website.
  2. Web Traffic- If customers are not able to find your website, the sales opportunity decreases. Search engine helps in increase traffic in your website. It also helps in increasing number of customers per day which directly related to the increase in sales.
  3. Trustworthy- The better score of your search engine optimization helps in appear in search engine like Google or Bing. If your website is in Google ranking, it increases visibility and you get trust from customers related to your product or services. So higher ranking in search engine increases trust and sales.
  4. User Experience- Your website should be well organized which clearly helps to know the customers which service or product is being offered. Search engine like Google and Bing are easily provide needed information to customers. If user struggle to reach to your site, search engine do well.
  5. Growth- SEO is a key factor to make your brand popular. If you rank higher in search engine through organic process [white hat technique] which create web traffic in your website and gets brand popular. Popular brand attracts the customers and they share your brand within social media platform [Facebook,   Instagram etc.]


  1. Crawler based search engine optimization – All crawler based search engine use crawler or spider to crawl the website for accurate result. It include following steps-

. Crawling

. Indexing

.Calculating relevancy

.Retrieving the result

Some of the examples of crawler based search engine are Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex.

  • Human Powered directories- This search engine is an open directory system for listing activities.

. Site owner submit short description in the directory along with listing.

. keyword matches with the description site which changes the web pages which is not taken into consideration as description matters.

. A good content site more likely to reviewed for free as compared to poor.

  • Hybrid Search Engine- This search engine include both crawler as well as manual listing sites in search result or we can say it is combination of both crawler based and directory results. These days every search engine using hybrid based model. Some of the examples of Hybrid search engine are Google.com, Yahoo.com.

Today’s the internet users are positive regarding what search engine do and have good experiences while searching into the search engine.

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